Lighting is magic. An essential element for a gathering, the choice of lighting plays a key role in creating a mood and elevating the atmosphere.

I love to use candles with or without scent, during the day or in the evenings, but especially when styling up the table for beautiful gatherings for my friends or clients.

The warmth and glow of candle light are one of my favorite ways to create not only ambience, but to enhance the look and the subtle details of a table decoration.

How to elevate your table with candles. The mood is in the details

When deciding on the style and color of the candle, as well as the vessel and holder, it’s helpful to take into account the story you want your gathering to tell.

Besides flowers, we are very passionate about handmade ceramics and we love to create our own ceramic pieces of décor.  Therefore we opted for a soft ceramic holder by M Flower Lab in a neutral color. The variety in height of both candles and holders adds visual interest and keeps the eye moving along the entire length of the table.

Playing with different types of candles for a gorgeous table set-up

When styling up a table for special events or even just for a simple gathering with my friends, I love to use floating candles that, when reflected in the water, bring out the magic and the subtle sparkle of the night. Nothing can add a finishing touch on a table décor better than a candle. Flowers and candles will always work beautifully together.

Being an advocate of simplicity, I also love using candles with lots of glass holders as centerpieces for creating a very refined and elegant décor.

The candles can be used in endless ways for styling beautiful set-ups, giving the most flattering light at dinner parties or just warming up your home. Usually I use candles of different sizes and heights, because they add dimension to the centerpiece, but I am always careful to use candle holders in the same color palette.

And because we are fascinated by the beauty of candles, we carefully curated and integrated an exclusive selection of candle in our shop that stands out through design and quality.


Our love for candle centrepieces will never fade and I hope I succeeded to inspire you and give you some useful and exciting ideas to replicate in your own home. Especially as a similar table set-up with candles can be arranged in a matter of minutes and will definitely make your home warmer and more welcoming for you and your beloved ones.

We are MFlowerLab, a whole new kind of flower design studio in the heart of Bucharest. That means 100 sqm where flowers meet design, creativity and passion. Whether we create a flower bouquet or we organize a creative corporate event, we cannot emphasize enough how much care and attention to detail goes in everything we do.
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