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Our handcrafted bouquets come in two sizes to help you choose the best that fits your needs and sparks your joy.


Plan your delivery

Choose when and how often you wish to receive the fresh flowers you love. No delivery fee.


You are in control

After your subscription ends, you can easily renew it. You’re in control, as you’re never charged without your explicit permission. Check our FAQ for more info about this.

Give yourself the gift of flowers. Have your house, office or any kind of space constantly freshened up with fresh flowers. With our subscription, you can have flowers on repeat, whenever you want.

Additional information

Choose Size

Medium, Large

Choose Frequency

Weekly, Twice a month

Choose Vase

No, Yes

Choose Time of Delivery

Morning (08:00-12:00), Afternoon (17:00-20:00)

Additional Information

  • Size: you can opt for two sizes, medium and large
  • Frequency: your options include 4 deliveries per month (weekly subscription plan) or 2 deliveries per month (twice a month subscription plan)
  • Delivery time:
    • any subscription you opt for from Monday to Saturday becomes active the following Thursday.
    • please check with us first at [email protected] when ordering a subscription on a Sunday. Because we want to make sure that you always receive only fresh flowers, we need to check delivery times with our suppliers and this might cause delays for activating your subscription. Check also our FAQ for more details on this topic.

About our Flowers

The fresh flowers bouquets available for subscriptions follow several principles:

  • they are made from seasonal flowers and they change periodically
  • they follow our signature style, inspired by nature, garden and sauvage patterns
  • they are made to surprise you with every delivery of your subscription
  • they are delivered every Friday, starting the next Friday after selecting our subscription.


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We are MFlowerLab, a whole new kind of flower design studio in the heart of Bucharest. That means 100 sqm where flowers meet design, creativity and passion. Whether we create a flower bouquet or we organize a creative corporate event, we cannot emphasize enough how much care and attention to detail goes in everything we do.
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