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Corporate & Private Events

For corporate teams in search of a different vibe for their brunches, meetings, trainings or any kind of organisational happenings with a twist, our space can be tailored and transformed for the occasion.

We also host private events (parties, dinners, brunches) for groups of people searching for unique experiences.

Boutique Weddings

For couples in search of a bohemian atmosphere and a crazy attention to details for the entire aesthetic universe around their wedding, we’re here to help with everything from table styling to the bridal bouquet.

Floral Design

We work with companies, agencies or event organisers looking for creative ways to surprise their clients, partners, teams or guests through floral installations, arrangements, branded gifts, office styling, centerpieces and many others.

Our arrangements, bouquets or any kind of creative floral pieces can also be delivered for anyone looking for memorable ways to surprise and delight.


We organise creative workshops for companies in the form of premium concept-events where you can relax, experiment, learn and also have a lot of fun with your team.

Our workshops can also take the form of private events (with different purposes) for small groups and even gatherings open to public.

We are MFlowerLab, a whole new kind of flower design studio in the heart of Bucharest. That means 100 sqm where flowers meet design, creativity and passion. Whether we create a flower bouquet or we organize a creative corporate event, we cannot emphasize enough how much care and attention to detail goes in everything we do.
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