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What are my payment options when ordering something from you?

You can choose to pay by credit card, directly in our shop  or by bank account transfer (order of payment).

Are there any additional charges, such as a delivery fee?

No. The delivery fee is included in the price of the delivery, of the subscription or of the gift card you choose.

Do I need an account to order anything from your shop?

No. We made sure to offer you the best and easiest shopping process, so there is no need to have an account in advance when buying from our shop. You will fill out the necessary details when you proceed to checkout.

Flower deliveries

Is it possible to state my own preferences for the bouquet I choose?

Yes, you can state your own preferences, depending on the flowers’ availability at the moment. If your wish can be fulfilled with flowers we have on hand, we can definitely talk and make it happen.

How often is the selection of flowers and greeneries changed?

We like to keep things surprising and fresh. So we change our selection of flowers periodically, according to seasons, inspiration and availability.

Where exactly can you deliver?

We currently deliver to Bucharest and Ilfov. But you can also come pick your order up or have a bouquet designed from what we have on display – at our studio in the heart of Bucharest, on Braziliei Street, 16, if you’re passing by.

Can I state my own preferences regarding the flowers?

Yes. We like to take your preferences into account as much as we can, depending on flowers’ availability. When choosing a certain flower bouquet or arrangement, please use the special box (when proceeding to checkout) to tell us if there are flowers or colors you don’t fancy in particular, so we may replace them. Also, please use this box if there is a certain flower or plant you know you’re allergic to.


When does my subscription become active? When will I receive my first order?

You can choose a subscription plan anytime between Monday and Saturday and your first order is delivered the following Thursday.

In order to make sure that you always receive only fresh flowers, this interval might be slightly delayed when placing an order on a Sunday. We need to check with our suppliers first about their availability, so please drop us a line at [email protected], if you wish to order a subscription plan on a Sunday. We will get back to you with information about the exact time when your chosen subscription plan becomes active.

What happens to my flowers if I’m not at home when they are delivered?

Firstly, we make sure that you are in control regarding the time of delivery – as we offer you two time options to choose from. Apart from this, we will also call you at least one hour in advance, to confirm the order and make sure we will find you at home when the delivery is due.

Can I change the address to receive the flower deliveries during a subscription?

Yes, you can change the address to your current subscription. Please let us know 48 hours in advance for any changes you wish to make to your subscription. Contact us at [email protected] for further details.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

No. Every month, after your subscription ends, we send you an e-mail to invite you to renew your subscription. So you are kindly asked to always authorize payment and reactivate your subscription, if you choose so.

Can I change the specifics of an on-going subscription?

Of course. As long as you wish an upgrade of your on-going subscription, please give us a sign at [email protected] with your request 48 hours in advance and we’ll make it happen as soon as possible.

Can I pause my subscription when I am on holiday or away and reactivate it afterwards?

Yes, you can. Send us your details at [email protected] 48 hours in advance and we’ll be happy to help.

Something went wrong during the process. What do I do?

We’re here to investigate and see what happened. Write us at [email protected] or give us a call at 0730.314.930 and we’ll figure it out as soon as possible.

Gift cards

I ordered a gift card, when will it be sent?

Because the gift card is digital, you will receive it as fast as possible, in due time to make a surprise for your dear ones.

I haven’t received my gift card after 24 hours. What do I do?

We’ll be happy to investigate and see what happened – if you send us a message at [email protected] or call us at 0730.314.930.

What are my delivery options when ordering a gift card?

You can receive or send the gift card online or offline, however you find it fit. However, you can also find our gift cards directly at our studio, on Braziliei Street, 16, Bucharest. If you wish to pick it up yourself from the studio, please check with us in advance.

I am the receiver of a gift card. What do I do to redeem it?

Our process is very simple. Please contact us directly on the phone number from the card or at [email protected], to place an order and set a day and a time for your flower deliveries.


I have another question or problem and I can’t find the answer here. What do I do?

No problem. We’ll be happy to assist and answer all your questions at [email protected] or at 0730.314.930.

We are MFlowerLab, a whole new kind of flower design studio in the heart of Bucharest. That means 100 sqm where flowers meet design, creativity and passion. Whether we create a flower bouquet or we organize a creative corporate event, we cannot emphasize enough how much care and attention to detail goes in everything we do.
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