Gathering around the table has always had a special meaning for people. A ritual so intimately connected to the familiarity, to stimulating all senses and to discovering the other – becomes even more desirable and cozy when fall comes.

The first signs of Autumn always make me wish to gather around the table and share a good meal with friends.

Being a host is most probably my second nature. I adore being surrounded by friends and hosting nice gatherings, creating beautiful memories and offering unique experiences.

I’m a firm believer that we shouldn’t necessarily need a special occasion in order to prepare a nice atmosphere and a special table setting. Just as we don’t need a reason for offering flowers, we don’t need any special occasion to pamper ourselves and our loved ones either. 

Where to start when designing an unforgettable table setting?

When designing a floral centerpiece or styling a table, I always like to have as much context as possible. For me, any arrangement or set-up should reflect the purpose of the gathering, as well as the atmosphere of the space in which the event takes place.

And because I am a big fan of simplicity, I love to create elegant and special set–ups, using very simple elements of décor, flower design inspired by nature, quality ceramic with organic forms and neutral colors, natural fabrics and candles with a twist.

A table set-up for an Autumn in-style. Sneak peek

For this time of the year, I have created a table styling using some beautiful seasonal flowers, which are creating a beautiful contrast with the neutral colors of the table,linen and ceramic tableware.

And who said pumpkins are used only for cooking? Small pumpkins with different colors are used here for a unique twist on traditional fall colors.

The beautiful white handmade ceramic plates are complemented by the terracotta color napkins.

I also like to place a small surprise on the plates for my guest. Here, I chose a stem of flower, a piece of greenery. Attention to small details always pays off.

And trust me, your guests will notice these fine touches and they will take them as an expression of your appreciation and care. So it’s all worth it. ?

We are MFlowerLab, a whole new kind of flower design studio in the heart of Bucharest. That means 100 sqm where flowers meet design, creativity and passion. Whether we create a flower bouquet or we organize a creative corporate event, we cannot emphasize enough how much care and attention to detail goes in everything we do.
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